Cyrus Ramezani

Professor and Area Chair

Contact Information

Phone: 805-756-1168
Office Location: 003-406

Dr. Ramezani’s research is focused in the areas of asset valuation (equity, bond, and options), corporate finance (valuation of intangible assets including patents and trademarks, optimal cash holdings, application of Real Option methodology to the valuation of corporate investment projects), risk management and insurance (valuation of agricultural insurance products, valuation of earthquake insurance and reinsurance contacts), and application of statistical methods to financial and economic data.

Dr. Ramezani has served as the Chair of the Finance Area since 2006. He has also served on a variety of University and OCOB committees. Dr. Ramezani’s teaching spans several areas of finance at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He has taught courses in corporate finance, fixed income securities, investments, options and futures, personal financial planning, and portfolio management.

Dr. Ramezani has served as consultant to corporations, has undertaken a number of projects for government agencies, and has been an expert witness on several cases involving business and patent litigation.

Dr. Ramezani’s research has been published in academic and practitioner journals including Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Financial Engineering, Annals of Finance, Journal of Risk, Institutional Investor Journal, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Consumer Affairs, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Economic Integration, and other outlets.

Dr. Ramezani’s research has been presented in a variety of academic and industry conferences. His research has also been featured in business press, including the Forbes magazine.