In addition to choosing a major,  Orfalea College of Business students gain deeper insight into relevant topics by choosing a concentration.


Cal Poly’s accounting program delivers industry-driven education, hands-on experience, and unparalleled career opportunities, fostering graduates who confidently lead businesses to success.

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Consumer Packaging

Students in this concentration blend technical packaging courses with marketing and entrepreneurship classes.

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Students who choose entrepreneurship concentration are usually interested in planning, launching and running a business.

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With an understanding of economics, banking and trading, finance students learn how both individuals and organizations can best manage their funds.

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Information Systems

Students who pursue the information systems concentration usually are interested in computer science, information systems and business.

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Industrial Technology

Students who concentrate in industrial technology learn about ways to improve productivity, profitability and safety.

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Management & Human Resources

Management and human resources students learn about employee management, people skills and organizational leadership.

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Students who pursue the marketing concentration learn about branding and promoting products and services, along with marketing strategies and research, social media marketing, sales and more.

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Packaging Technology

Students who pursue a concentration in packaging technology learn about value chain, using elements of engineering, material science, design and business.

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Quantitative Analysis

Students concentrating on quantitative analysis learn strategic direction and in-depth analysis with courses in mathematics, statistics, computing, and economics.

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Real Estate Finance

Coursework for the real estate finance concentration includes economics, real estate law and property appraisal.

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