Mission, Vision, and Principles

Orfalea Vision | Mission |  Principles

The vision for the Orfalea College of Business (Orfalea) is to be a transformational leader in experiential business education. We deliver on this vision through an unwavering commitment to our mission: to educate career-ready future business leaders in a polytechnic learn-by-doing environment and produce research that positively influences business and society.

This mission is lived out through our core principles:

Deliver innovative business education focused on active engagement, reflection, and hands-on experience.

Teacher-Scholar Model

Engage in interconnected teaching and research that advances economic, organizational, and technological theory, policy, and practice.

diversity, equity, and inclusion

Promote belonging and well-being through mutual respect, critical and independent thought, creating equal opportunities, and empowering people to be their authentic selves.


Evaluate and resource academic and professional activities to sustain impact and financial viability.

Strategic Objectives

Empowering Future Leaders

Prepare learners with essential Data + Technology + Human competencies to lead the future of business

Bridging the Gap

Effectively transition learners into careers

Academic Excellence

Promote a thriving academic enterprise

Immersive Learning

Bring real-world business activity into the learning experience

Inclusive Future

Foster inclusive social impact

Intentional Impact

Advance internal policies and practices for strategic impact

DEI Action Plan

Objective 1

Build sustainable infrastructure for DEI

Objective 2

Recruit, retain, and develop an inclusive and diverse community of students, staff, and faculty

Objective 3

Eliminate gaps in graduation rates and career outcomes for students