Joongmin Shin


Contact Information

Phone: 805-756-2710
Office Location: 003-315

Dr. Joongmin Shin is an associate professor in the Industrial Technology and Packaging at Orfalea College of Business. Before joining in Cal Poly, he served at the University of Wisconsin-Stout was an associate professor. His research has been focused on the antimicrobial releasing system, modified atmosphere, surface modification and grafting technology, and impregnate active compound using electrospinning to extend product shelf life and enhancing safety. He was also a pilot plant manager in AgCenter at Louisiana State University. His works were related to “industrial problem solving” and “new system developments” in the area of cryogenic freezing in a combination of edible coating and modified atmosphere packaging system. He also has four years of industrial experience in pharmaceutical and food packaging company (E.Saeng, South Korea). His works were development and evaluation of inorganic-based oxygen scavenger system for food packaging application.

Dr. Shin has taught a various graduate and undergraduate packaging courses (such as Food Packaging, Packaging Polymers, Packaging Dynamics, Consumer Packaging, Medical Packaging, etc.) for last 14 years. In Cal Poly, he teaches courses on Packaging Sustainability and Packaging Polymers and Processing.