First Person: Alumnus Vincent Nuno Discusses His Journey as a Transfer Student

Portrait of Vincent Nuno

Vincent Nuno faced challenges as a transfer student but was able to succeed academically and in his career. (Photo/Courtesy of Vincent Nuno)

Vincent Nuno(Business Administration, 2023)  transferred to Cal Poly from Allan Hancock College.


I chose to transfer to Cal Poly both to stay local and for a hands-on university experience. With much support from professors and guidance counselors, the journey was as seamless as possible.

Some of the challenges that I faced as a transfer student were trouble securing internships and being behind in coursework on day one. However, with hard work and determination, I was able to remain a competitive finance student

I chose to major in business administration with a financial management concentration because I see the value that finance brings. It helps to create a well-functioning economy and bring peace of mind to families. Plus, I was inspired by both my mother and uncle, who worked in commercial lending.

One of the greatest challenges that I faced was not being able to secure an internship for portfolio management or investment analysis. That was one of the reasons I decided to pursue the CFA Institute Research Competition as my senior project. I chose this senior project in hopes to stand out to employers. In addition,  I knew that I wanted to work in the investment industry.

Passing the CFA Level I exam (February 2023) made all of my long hours of studying worthwhile and made me motivated to continue on to the CFA Level II exam. I was also able to connect with other passionate finance students who were pursuing the same senior project.

Upon graduation, it was challenging to find a position as an investment analyst or in portfolio management. After months of receiving rejection letters, I accepted a position in a call center at a retirement investment company. It was not the job that I imagined I would have upon graduation, but it was at least in the investment arena. After a few months went by in the call center and through the help of a wonderful professor, I secured my dream job after college. I accepted a position as an associate in the portfolio management division of an investment firm. Now, my finance aspirations are to become a senior portfolio manager, pass the CFA Level III Exam this August, and help clients achieve their financial goals.

Although I was heavily challenged as a transfer student, the difficulties made the journey that much more worthwhile. I am beyond grateful for all of the experiences and doors that the Orfalea College of Business has opened for me!

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