Paul Orfalea

Paul J. Orfalea, founder of Kinko’s, donated a gift of securities worth $15 million to the College of Business.

The donation is earmarked to enhance the quality and scope of business education for Cal Poly students. The CSU Board of Trustees voted on January 24, 2001 to officially approve the naming of the Orfalea College of Business in recognition of Mr. Orfalea’s generous gift.

Mr. Orfalea founded Kinko’s in 1970 near the University of California at Santa Barbara with a simple idea: provide college students with products and services they need at a competitive price. From its modest beginnings, Kinko’s is now the leading business services chain in the world.

Much of Kinko’s success can be traced directly to Orfalea’s unique business philosophy that is based on his freethinking and creative style. In fact, the name Kinko’s was derived from Orfalea’s trademark curly hair. Orfalea’s theories and instincts on how to operate a successful business are grounded in his passion for retailing, his insistence on taking care of his co-workers and customers, and a sharp eye for opportunity. Orfalea encouraged active participation from all co-workers and developed generous incentive programs to stimulate creativity.