Concentration Declaration

Please be advised that Business and Economics students are required to declare their concentration by the end of their second year at Cal Poly (May 31st).

Declare a Concentration (Non-Accounting or Entrepreneurship)

Business, Economics and Industrial Technology & Packaging majors must complete the Concentration Declaration PowerForm below to declare a concentration. If you are planning to declare any of the following concentrations, please fill out this form.

  • Consumer Packaging (BUS & ECON)
  • Finance (BUS & ECON)
  • Industrial Technology (ITP)
  • Information Systems (BUS & ECON)
  • Management & HR (BUS & ECON)
  • Marketing Management (BUS & ECON)
  • Packaging Technology (ITP)
  • Quantitative Analysis (BUS & ECON)
  • Real Estate Finance (BUS & ECON)

Note: Economics students who wish to concentrate in General Economics do not need to declare a concentration, as they will automatically be placed into General Economics after their second year.

Declare Accounting or Entrepreneurship

Business or Economics Majors wishing to concentrate in Accounting or Entrepreneurship must follow a different process for declaring their concentration. Please refer to the appropriate links below to learn more about the concentration declaration process for each.

Please reference the Office of the Registrar’s Form Processing Timeline to see when your declaration is expected to be processed by. Keep in mind that some classes require that your concentration be officially declared in order to enroll in them, which will either be indicated as a prerequisite in the ‘Course Description’ or ‘Details’ section of Schedule Builder. Remember, it is beneficial for you to declare your concentration sooner rather than later!