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Working with the Cal Poly LITC not only helped me learn technical accounting for my career, but also gave me many opportunities to give back to community that gave so much to me. I closed many of my client’s cases and helped them get into filing and payment compliance. I also got to go to the U.S. Tax Court calendar call where the clinic attended a formal trial and was able to help cases in real-time. It was an extremely rewarding senior project and I hope to continue giving back to the program throughout my career.

Amanda Gile, Class of 2020

The best client experience I had when working for the LITC was helping my client finalize their multi-year tax battle that was creating hardship for them. I also got to work with clients at the U.S. Tax court and help represent some cases in the calendar call! Volunteering with the clinic taught me how to simplify complex accounting topics so anyone can understand, and I learned a lot about how to conduct tax research!

Lauren Ludlow, Class of 2019

The most memorable client experience I had while working at the clinic was when I interacted with the person I was helping face-to-face. I could see the results of the LITC’s hard work put a smile on their face. These experiences taught me that purpose driven work usually leads to higher quality results.

Akshay Rupani, Class of 2016

Working in the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic has been one of the best experiences of my life. It is incredibly rewarding to know that the work that I do every day has a real impact on the lives of my clients. We are extremely lucky to have such a great program as part of the Orfalea College of Business. I have learned more about tax law and the taxation process than I ever would have imagined and I am glad that I get to use what I have learned to do something that is truly meaningful. This program really is the embodiment of the “Learn by Doing” attitude that Cal Poly preaches. I am thankful to have had the opportunity be a part of this amazing program.

Matt Marcoccia, Student Accountant

My experience with the Cal Poly Low Income Taxpayer Clinic has been amazing. I have learn so many skills that were unattainable in the classroom. I have learned not only how to settle tax liability and tax disputes, with either the Franchise Tax Board or the IRS, but also how to handle clients over the phone, how to work as a team while still doing a lot of independent work, and how to utilize tax resources inside and outside the LITC… While my time at the LITC has been short, it has given me so much knowledge and experience that would have been unachievable anywhere else.

Alyx Sylvia, Student Accountant

Becoming involved with the LITC has been one of the most rewarding experiences at Cal Poly. The camaraderie around the clinic makes it such a fun place to work and learn about the ins and outs of tax controversies. This has been an amazing opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about the “real world” and work with clients. I think one of the greatest challenges I faced was communication with my client. There was some confusion and I had to work to clear it up for them and make sure that I communicated effectively and timely. I can see how these skills will play out when I begin work following graduation. I have gained an enhanced understanding of the accounting profession, created great friendships and feel like I have given back to the community through my experience with the LITC.

Amy Wright, Class of 2015

I remember working my first shift in the LITC for the first time and feeling very nervous and lost. I was nervous because I was dealing with real world issues that affected someone’s life and lost because I was working in an office rather than a classroom. Six weeks later, I could not have imagined learning this much. I am now able to understand our clients tax disputes, sift through and interpret a multitude of tax forms, and effectively communicate with the IRS and Franchise Tax Board. Before my time in the clinic is over, I will have helped one client submit an Offer in Compromise to the Franchise Tax Board and even assisted in modifying IRS administrative processes that affect taxpayers nationwide. It has been a great experience to use the knowledge I have learned in the classroom the past four years and apply it to a real life issue.

Phil Iacono, Student Accountant

Lisa Sperow, the executive director, along with the team leaders are very knowledgeable and highly qualified and helped me with all one thousand questions I had. It is a very warm and welcoming environment where you really do learn by doing. I would recommend working in the clinic to anyone interested, because it is an experience that has given me not just knowledge about IRS and FTB controversy’s, but given me a chance to give back to my community.

Kellie Lewelling, Student Accountant

The LITC has prepared me for a career in tax by assigning me to work directly with a client. Investigating the client’s case has given me a deeper understanding of how the IRS sees a taxpayer’s economic status. In order to put together a client’s story, I have to already understand the client well enough to be able to persuade the IRS to see our side of things, and being able to do so is a very rewarding experience.

Catherine Hsu, Class of 2015

The LITC has given me a tremendous opportunity to assist low income individuals from all over California with their state and federal tax disputes. This class is a great example of Cal Poly’s motto, learn by doing, while simultaneously providing pro-bono services throughout the Central California community.

Dominic Hjerpe, Student Accountant

LITC has helped me to learn more about the field I am studying. I am able to contribute to the community by what LITC has taught me.

David Kao, Student Accountant

Cal Poly’s LITC has truly given me a learn by doing experience. I have been able to take everything I’ve learned in my past three years at Cal Poly and apply it to real world scenarios while working with clients. As a LITC student accountant, it is very rewarding to see a client’s case progress, especially knowing that we played a part in it.

Kelsey Waltrip, Class of 2014

The LITC is an excellent program here at Cal Poly.  It has given me the opportunity to gain experience in the accounting field through the mustang way; ‘learn by doing’.

Karli Keprta, Student Accountant

The LITC has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge about accounting, while helping people in need. I am lucky to work alongside a group of passionate individuals and always feel great about the work I do.

Polina Mandrusov, Student Accountant

The LITC is a great program and true benefit for all Cal Poly business accounting students! It is a wonderful feeling to help the local community. The LITC has helped me gain the experience needed for my field of study, as well as gain confidence in my ability to succeed within.

Kayla Hernandez, Student Accountant

The LITC has given me the opportunity to work very closely with clients and be their point of contact. Unlike some other projects, the LITC offers you the opportunity to work with clients from the beginning and be able to see the end product of possibly solving their dispute with the IRS. The value at first of meeting your client and eventually getting to a goal by the end of the quarter cannot be understated.

Tim Trinidad, Student Accountant

The LITC has been one of my most rewarding experiences here at Cal Poly where I was able to gain hands-on experience in tax controversies while giving back to the community.

Teresa Yip, Student Accountant

The LITC has allowed me to use my skills and education give back to the San Luis Obispo Community. I love that I am able to connect one on one with clients located in our immediate area. It truly has been a blessing!

Chris Sorrells, Student Accountant

Being part of the LITC is an amazing opportunity to help others while sharpening skills and learning approaches that I will need for my career.

Maggie Lawler, Student Accountant

Through working in the Cal Poly Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, I have had the opportunity to take the technical skills I have acquired in the classroom environment and directly apply those skills to help the community members in need. Cal Poly’s mantra of “Learn by Doing” has never impacted my life so greatly.

Karli McLean, Student Accountant

LITC and VITA have been excellent examples of Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing” philosophy incorporated into the accounting curriculum; both senior projects have given me valuable and hands on experience working with clients in a professional environment and the opportunity to think critically about tax issues facing low income taxpayers.

Danielle Heller, Class of 2013

The LITC presents the opportunity to use what we have learned at Cal Poly give back to the community; we help real people with real problems.

Christine Pulford, Graduate Student

The LITC has given me an opportunity to contribute to the community while continuing to learn in my field of study. It has been a privilege to be able to work in the clinic.

Evan Kilbourne, Graduate Student

It has been a great learning experience finding out about how relief from IRS controversy comes about and that it is available for many people as long as they work with and communicate with the IRS. I have also learned how to write concise pamphlets, condensing down a lot of information, into a short, understandable and complete format, to help people better understand complex issues.

Rory Van Wickle, Class of 2013

The LITC program has been an amazing opportunity for me to use the technical skills I have developed through my education to give back to my community. I have learned how important it is to sometimes step back from the technical and recognize that we have the power to extend compassion and understanding to others. The best part about this experience has been hearing from a client that the support of the LITC has helped them sleep better at night knowing that someone is there to help.

Kaitlyn A. Thomas, Class of 2013

I’ve never seen a group of people who care so much about what they do. The Cal Poly LITC really fight and try their hardest for their clients, and I feel blessed to be part of it.

Sara Cois, Former Outreach and Education Coordinator

I learned so much about accounting and its real-world implications by volunteering at the LITC. It is a true ‘learn by doing’ experience and I am so glad to have been a part of this program.

Diana Brooks, Social Media Manager

I sincerely appreciate the time you spent providing a swift solution for achieving a positive and finalizing outcome. I especially appreciate your constant kindness and non-judgmental approach. Thanks to the help of your staff and your clinic you have in a sense saved my relationships and my life.

Brooke P., LITC Client