Academic Probation and Disqualification

 Cal Poly’s Academic Probation and Disqualification Policy can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.

Office of the Registrar Website

Core Values/Guiding Principles

Every student admitted to Cal Poly should have the maximum opportunity to earn a Cal Poly degree. As a university, we should be providing assistance and guidance wherever possible to achieve this goal. When students find themselves in academic difficulty, we should be creating pathways for success, preferably at Cal Poly. Our policies should reflect this premise as much as possible.

Academic Probation

An undergraduate student is automatically placed on academic probation when the grade point average drops below 2.0 (C). The grade point average applies to the current term, the Cal Poly cumulative, or the higher A student grade report will be mailed to only those students on academic probation.

Academic Disqualification

Undergraduate students will be placed on academic disqualification status if their Cal Poly cumulative GPA (CPSLO GPA) or their higher education GPA (Higher Ed GPA) falls below the following academic progress level GPA limits based on the corresponding academic progress levels (degree applicable work completed):

Academic Progress Levels: Academic Progress Level GPA Limits:
Academic Progress Level IV (75.1%-100%): 1.950 Cal Poly Cumulative or Higher Ed GPA
Academic Progress Level III (45.1%-75%): 1.950 Cal Poly Cumulative or Higher Ed GPA
Academic Progress Level II (20.1%-45%): 1.950 Cal Poly Cumulative or Higher Ed GPA
Academic Progress Level I (0%-20%): 1.500 Cal Poly Cumulative or Higher Ed GPA

Student Success Clause
To allow for an adjustment period, first-time freshmen and new transfer students will not be placed in the academic disqualification status until the end of their first academic year, even if their GPA falls below the designated academic progress level GPA limits.

Learn more about the Undergraduate Academic Probation and Disqualification Policy.

Support for Students on Academic Probation

Cal Poly sets high academic standards and is committed to supporting the academic success of all students. Cal Poly is a rigorous institution with high academic standards, therefore students are required to maintain their academics above a 2.00 GPA at all times.

The Orfalea College of Business is committed to supporting students in reaching academic success. The college provides a full program of services and requirements that are specifically designed to help students be academically successful in hopes of supporting students in raising their GPA over a 2.00 and removing themselves from academic probation.

Below is a list of some of the support services and resources for students on academic probation, provided by the Orfalea College of Business Student Services.

Program Support

Academic Disqualification