Student Ambassadors

Orfalea Student Ambassadors Program Statement

We, the Orfalea Student Ambassadors, are a passionate, highly-motivated community of students selected to represent and advocate for the Orfalea College of Business. The Orfalea College of Business Student Ambassador program serves as the college’s premier externally facing student group. Student Ambassadors spend their time promoting the college and the university to potential students and industry executives alike through many mediums. Ambassadors give tours to all groups, organize and facilitate professional development programming for students, and travel to companies as representatives of the college. We invite visitors to see the potential of our school, in order to create long lasting partnerships. Ambassadors lead by example, promoting values of inclusivity and transparency throughout the establishment. As a result, guests are provided a unique glimpse into a genuine Orfalea College of Business experience that is relatable to a diverse group of visitors. We give our time because we believe in the Orfalea College of Business experience, and appreciate how it has shaped us.