Business Council

Portrait of the Business Council Board: Shreya Chidambaram, Nishita Katere, and Amar Bains

Vision Statement

To serve as the central unified voice for Orfalea College of Business.

Mission Statement

The Business Council aims to develop an understanding of diverse student perspectives by fostering inclusion, collaboration, accessibility, and transparency between ASI, OCOB student services, clubs, organizations, and the Dean’s Office.

How to Join the OCOB Business Council


Applicants must be able to commit to this position for a full year and must be an Orfalea College of Business student. All majors & concentrations are welcome to apply. Applicants must be an incoming Sophomore, Junior or Senior. Must commit to dedicating approximately 1-3 hours/week on outreach, communications, planning, and attending monthly meetings.

Description of Roles

Email your resume and your letter of interest about joining board by March 24