First Year Student – Block Scheduling

What is a Block Schedule?

The Office of the Registrar schedules first year students in degree applicable courses across the entirety of their first year. This initiative ensures all first-year students (freshmen) receive a full-time course schedule in Fall Quarter and a partial schedule in Winter & Spring quarters.

Courses that are included in block schedules are classes chosen by the student’s major department. Block schedules for Orfalea College of Business students are comprised of:

  • Major Courses: Classes required for your major.
  • Support Courses: Classes that are meant to support the material that you learn in preparation for your major courses. Classes required for your degree.
  • General Education (GE) Courses: Classes help students reach across disciplines to provide them with a breadth of experiences. Classes required for your degree.

Block Schedule – Unit Amount per Quarter

First Quarter — 13-18 Units, consisting of:

  • Major Courses
  • Support Courses
  • GE Courses
Winter Quarter — 0-9 units, consisting of:

  • Major/Support Course
  • GE Course (Area A)
Spring Quarter — 0-9 units, consisting of:

  • Major/Support Course
  • GE Course Area (Area A)

What’s the difference between Fall Quarter and Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter block schedules?

Unlike Fall Quarter block schedules, you will only be blocked into critical major and/or support classes. In other words, your Fall Quarter block schedule will consist of major courses, support courses, and GE courses while your Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter block schedules will consist of a maximum of two classes, which will be major courses/support courses and a GE Course (Area A).

You will see which courses you are enrolled in a few days before the enrollment appointments begin for these quarters (see Calendars and Deadlines for exact dates).

Additional Details on University Wide First-Year Block Scheduling

Some reasons why you are block scheduled in a course:

  • The course is highly recommended, and is best if completed during your first year.
  • The courses may be difficult to get during your first year if you are not blocked into it.
  • There is sufficient capacity to enroll you in a designated course.

Some reasons why you may NOT block scheduled in a course:

  • Your department would like to provide flexibility for you to choose when to take your major and support courses.
  • Seats in some major courses may be reserved for students in that major, to assist with timely degree completion.
  • You may have already fulfilled the course that other students are blocked into.
  • There is not sufficient capacity to enroll you in a designated course.

Courses Incorporated in Block Schedules

Courses considered for block scheduling differ by major. See below for a list of courses students in their first-year may be blocked into. Note that although efforts will be made to block students in the courses listed below, they are not guaranteed during any given quarter.

Block Scheduling — Common Questions

If you have any other questions or concerns about your block schedule or registration, please contact Orfalea Student Services.